Testing Locations

The following locations provide COVID-19 testing Spokane County.* If you have a primary care provider, we recommend contacting them to inquire about getting tested for COVID-19. While there should be no cost to you for testing if you have insurance, your provider may charge a fee for an office visit. Clinics offering testing for travel purposes may charge a fee. It is always best to check at the time you schedule an appointment. See the provider or pharmacy’s page or contact directly for information. See the next section for additional low- and no-cost options.

† indicates low- and no-cost testing options included in the list above. See the following section for more options.

Low- and No-Cost COVID-19 Testing*

If you do not have a primary care provider or are currently without insurance, there are low-and no-cost COVID-19 testing services available in Spokane County. Each clinic has different screening procedures and payment options, so we recommend you call ahead. For questions about medical insurance and COVID-19, visit this page.

CHAS COVID-19 Testing

CHAS Health COVID-19 testing locations offer qualifying patients PCR testing (non-rapid tests). Please note that testing turnaround times are currently 1-3 days. CHAS offers rapid tests as needed and requires an appointment with a CHAS Health provider. See the CHAS website for details.

Fee-Based Testing Options*

Private clinics offering PCR and rapid testing for a fee are available in Spokane County. Individuals interested in fee-based testing should contact clinics directly for testing availability, protocols and fee information.

If you are seeking testing for reasons related to travel, please note that travel requirements may change at any time. Call your insurance or healthcare provider to learn more about costs and other requirements.

Learn more about COVID-19 and travel.

*These lists are not an endorsement by Spokane Regional Health District and is for informational purposes only. There may be additional testing providers not listed here.