Under the updated Healthy Washington—Roadmap to Recovery plan, the state will individually evaluate each county every three weeks. The state will conduct evaluations on Mondays. Any changes to phase status will take effect the following Friday. Evaluations began April 12, 2021.

Criteria are different for large counties and small counties. Spokane County qualifies as a large county according to the state’s definition, which defines large counties as those with more than 50,000 people. To stay in Phase 3, Spokane County must keep a 14-day average of new COVID cases at or below 200 per 100,000 residents, and a seven-day average of new hospitalizations per 100,000 at five or fewer. If neither of these metrics are met, the county would be moved back a phase. Here is an overview of metrics for each phase:

Larger County Metrics

New cases per 100,000 population per 14 days

  • Phase 1: > 350
  • Phase 2: 350 – 200
  • Phase 3: < 200

New COVID hospitalizations per 100,000 population per 7 days

  • Phase 1: ≥ 10
  • Phase 2: 9.9 – 5
  • Phase 3: <5

See the Healthy Washington—Roadmap to Recovery Plan for more information.

County metrics are available on the state’s COVID-19 Roadmap to Recovery Dashboard. If statewide ICU capacity reaches greater than 90%, all counties will move down one Phase. The Department of Health may also move a county forward or backward.