Face Coverings for Businesses

As of July 24, every Washingtonian is required to wear a face covering in public places. Face coverings should cover the wearer's nose and mouth when they are outside of their house, mobile home, apartment, condominium, hotel or motel room, or other dwelling unit, subject to the exceptions listed in the Washington state secretary of health's order. This requirement is in addition to the July 7 announcement requiring that businesses cannot serve customers or clients unless they wear face coverings. These orders are in place until the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) specifies otherwise.

COVID-19 continues to spread in Washington state, in part because people can spread the virus even when they don’t have symptoms or know that they are sick. As the state's reopening continues, wearing a face covering is one of the most effective ways people can help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and Washington state businesses play a significant role in this effort.

The resources below provide an overview of face covering use and selection and guidelines for workplaces. For general information about face coverings, see the Face Coverings page.