Parents, teachers, caregivers and early learning center personnel have played a crucial role in supporting COVID-19 efforts while adapting to at-home instruction and all of the professional and personal changes it entails. Your efforts have kept our community's children educated and engaged and made it possible for essential workers to continue their duties. We thank you!

Please refer to this page for guidance documents and information related to schools and childcare (see tabs above). For more resources for families and caregivers, see the For Your Family page.

Vaccination Information

Please see the Vaccine Info page for vaccine news, resources and information.

For information about ways school leaders can support COVID-19 vaccine uptake and promote vaccine information among staff, students and families, please see this information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Guidance for Schools, Childcares and Summer Camps

See the Guidance for Schools, Childcares and Summer Camps tab above.