Spokane County Case Data

Case Information and Data Visualizations

COVID-19 case information for Spokane County is updated on Fridays. See notes on data reporting processes and definitions below. For testing data or phase information, visit the Washington State Department of Health Data Dashboard or the Washington State Coronavirus Response Risk Assessment Dashboard.

Vaccination Data By ZIP Code

Download the Vaccination Data By ZIP Code weekly update. If you do not see an updated version of this report when viewing each week, please refresh your browser. Please note that data are tentative and subject to change.

COVID-19 Cases, Deaths and Hospitalizations by Vaccination Status

Read the state-level report from the Washington State Department of Health.

Data Dashboard

May 9, 2022 Update: The Spokane County COVID-19 data dashboard has been updated to better represent transmission and risk level in Spokane County at this phase of the pandemic. Going forward, the dashboard will be updated once a week on Fridays. Changes to the dashboard include the following:

  • The daily case count has been replaced with a weekly case count.
  • Case date is based on the date the COVID-19 test was taken, not when it was reported to SRHD.
  • The current hospitalization count has been replaced with the hospital admission rate per 100,000 for the previous seven days.
  • The case rate per 100,000 is reported based on a seven-day period, not a 14-day period.
  • Charts will display weekly counts for the most recent three-month period with the ability to select a longer date range. A daily case view is still available. Use the +/- feature on the date axis to switch between daily and weekly views. (Hover over the lower left-hand corner to see the +/- appear.)