Updated Aug. 3, 2023

At-Home Testing

At-home testing may be an ideal testing option for some people under certain circumstances. Here’s an overview of what to do if you test positive:

  1. If you test positive, isolate for five days and then continue to wear a mask around others for five days after ending isolation.
  2. If you are at high risk for complications from COVID-19, contact your health care provider right away or look for a test-to-treat clinic. It is important to start treatment as soon as possible.
  3. Tell anyone that you have been around, including friends, family and your workplace, that you have tested positive.
  4. Report your rapid test results to the Washington State Department of Health. Washingtonians can report positive test results by doing one of the following:
    1. Report positive test results through the Say Yes! COVID Test Digital Assistant.
    2. Call 1-800-525-0127 and press # (press #7 for Spanish, or speak the language you need when the call is connected).
    3. If you need assistance with isolation, such as food, personal care kits, or other needs, visit Care Connect Washington or call or text the program hotline at 1.833.453.0336.
    4. Answer the call or text from contact tracing. Your phone will identify the caller as "WA Health."

For more information about self-testing, see this guide.

Test Expiration

COVID-19 tests do have an expiration date on the package, but you don’t necessarily need to throw them away at that date. The Washington DOH has released official approval to use expired tests and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has also issued new expiration dates for COVID-19 testing products.

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